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8 лучших браузеров для компьютера; Лайфхакер

При выборе браузера важно обратить внимание на сравнение следующих показателей:

  • быстрота загрузки страниц: при хорошем качестве сети любые сайты должны открываться мгновенно, прогружаясь полностью, а количество уже открытых вкладок не должно влиять на скорость открывания новых;
  • потребление оперативной памяти: при запуске и работе веб-обозреватель «ест» определённое количество памяти, и чем больше аппетиты браузера, тем больше тормозит весь ПК;
  • возможность подключать расширения и плагины: часто пользователю требуются дополнительные инструменты в работе, которые разработчики не предоставили в стартовом пакете, и тогда на помощь приходит магазин бесплатных дополнений к браузеру;
  • безопасность пользователя: в момент скачивания любого файла, многие браузеры автоматически распознают его тип и предупреждают пользователя, если файл содержит вирусы или трояны;
  • гарантия конфиденциальности: сюда входит возможность отказаться или удалить файлы cookie, и обеспечение зашифрованного соединения при указании личных или платёжных данных;
  • простота настройки: не всем дано сходу разобраться, как правильно настроить, и где находится панель управления, и чем проще процесс настройки, тем лучше конечному потребителю;
  • интеграция со смежными сервисами: опытные юзеры ценят возможность работы из одного аккаунта, позволяющего входить на другие сервисы и системы без дополнительных регистраций и ввода связки логин-пароль;
  • системные требования: некоторые браузеры не поддерживают старые версии Windows, например, XP или Vista, независимо от их разрядности (32 или 64 bit);
  • удобство в работе: навигация и возможности браузера должны быть интуитивно понятны абсолютно любому типу пользователя.

Make Vivaldi save or store a password

  1. Open Vivaldi browser and open the login page of the website of your choice.
  2. Sign in as usual by entering your username and password.
  3. When you press the sign in / login /submit button, a prompt or dialog box will appear with the message: “Do you want Vivaldi to save your password for this site?” Press Save button in that box.

That will store your username password combinations in the password manager. Your passwords will be stored until you remove them.

In creating the Vivaldi browser we are trying to follow our traditional philosophy: provide users with maximum flexibility in web browser design. That’s why we always add new cool features and expand on the options already available in Settings. It happens in nearly every build.

And according to your feedback, you like the way we are doing things at Vivaldi. Of course it makes browser more complex and will sometimes generate a bug or two. However, you will get access to new features you didn’t know you needed until you used Vivaldi. Today we want to show you a small list of Vivaldi «lifehacks» that can make your web browser experience even more smooth and efficient.

1. Boss Mode

It’s not a secret that many of us sometimes like to visit a few non-work-related websites during work hours. Especially when a major sports event is taking over the web. But not all bosses approve of this so users are trying to find ways to hide the screen content quickly from prying eyes of others.

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Well, we’ve got you covered in Vivaldi. Actually, this feature is more elegant in Vivaldi than it appears: there’s no button! To activate this mode just enable Filter Obscure in the Page Actions menu (which you can find in the browser’s Status Bar). Now just move the mouse cursor out of the browser window and the page content disappears! Your job is saved!

2. Bookmarks Sorting

We like bookmarks! Most of our users have a large collection of links gathered on the web over the years. The problem: from time-to-time we need to sort all those links to keep our bookmarks manageable and useful. Even today’s large displays may not be big enough to view a full list of bookmarks. Vivaldi to the rescue! Just open the Bookmark Panel in the sidebar and manage them from there or between tabs and the Bookmark Panel.

3. Creating Bookmarks

Yes, this feature is a simple one; widely known and available in web browsers. But Vivaldi offers you yet another way to create bookmarks. Sound familiar? Just open the Bookmarks Panel in the sidebar and drag-n-drop the page icon on the appropriate bookmark folder.

4. Changing the Start Page

Vivaldi allows you to add custom Speed Dials to your Start Page. They can include bookmarks from a certain category if that is how you like it. Right now there’s no simple way to sort your Speed Dials in the browser interface or to set one of them as a default. But there is a solution! Again, open the Bookmarks Panel and rearrange the Speed Dial folders shown, ordering them as you want. You can set a default folder to display while you’re at it. Easy!

5. Viewing Saved Passwords

Most of us have tons of accounts spread around on world wide web. Sometimes you need to recall a password you created many months ago. We forget those things at times and we should not store or write them down. So how can you see them in the Vivaldi browser? It’s very simple.

Type this address in an Address Field: vivaldi://settings/passwords

Now you can find and read the password for any of your accounts. Remember to close this view!

6. YouTube Channels in the Sidebar

If you want to be updated on new videos in a subscribed YouTube channel, just create a web-panel for the channel in the Vivaldi side panel — now new videos are only a click away!

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7. Fast Cloning of Tabs

Do you often clone tabs? Just create a shortcut for this action and forget about the context menu unless that is how you want to do it. This is Vivaldi, remember? Everyone can do everything their own way and now you can clone tabs with a hotkey!

8. Settings as Homepage

If you want to have access to the Vivaldi settings in one click, just set the internal page vivaldi://settings as your homepage! Now you can open settings at any time by clicking the Home button. How cool is that?

9. Fast Searching of Tabs

Sometimes it’s not easy to find a certain tab if you have a lot open, especially if they are from the same website. But in Vivaldi, you can just push the F2 key – opening the Quick Commands menu – and start typing the page title or URL. Your page will be in the filtered list. Highlight the one you want and hit Enter — you’ve got it!

10. Create a Custom Mouse Gesture

Mouse Gestures are a great way to browse efficiently. And, of course, they are available in Vivaldi. They’re even better in Vivaldi, actually! In your Settings page, you’ll see a Mouse Gesture editor that allows you to create as many gestures as you can think up. But it’s possible that all good combinations of mouse movements are in use. In that case, just try the new Zig-Zag gesture! It works!

That’s all for now. You can download the latest version of Vivaldi on our main website and test builds (“Snapshots”) are available on the developement blog. And don’t forget to send your bug reports and suggestions to us. We need them to be able to make the best browser ever for each and every user, our friends!


Your desktop might not have a word processing or spreadsheet app, but it most certainly has one of these web browsers.

The market share of the world

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of alternative desktop web browsers and I’m going to evaluate them today. Here is the list of web browsers that I’m going to test.

Eagle-eyed readers will notice the absence of Microsoft’s Edge — the world’s fifth most popular web browser. It was omitted because Microsoft has a new Chromium-based Edge browser in the works and will be retiring the current incarnation of Edge soon.

Test Setup

The MacBook Air will be our test machine. (Image source: Apple)

Features are important but so is performance, especially since the web is so important to today and web browsers are expected to work across a wide range of devices with varying levels of computational power.

For this shootout, we will be using a 2018 MacBook Air as our test mule. The MacBook Air was chosen because it runs all browsers (Safari is macOS only), it is a highly popular notebook, and it only has a modest low-power (read power-efficient) Y-series processor.

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To test the browsers’ performance, we will launch 20 tabs featuring the world’s 20 most visited websites simultaneously. We will then record CPU and memory utilization for one minute. And on top of that, we will also be running JetStream 2, a JavaScript and WebAssembly benchmark suite; and HTML5 Test, a benchmark that measures how well a browser supports HTML 5.

Подсветка комнаты в тон веб-страниц

С новым обновлением Vivaldi получил поддержку системы цифровой подсветки Philips Hue. Умные лампочки синхронизируются с браузером и генерируют свет в тон окраске сайта, на котором в данный момент находится пользователь. Пока эта функция не имеет практического применения. Однако в будущем фишка с освещением может стать частью интернета вещей.

Интерактивное освещение — это лишь первый шаг для нас. Представьте будущее, в котором оповещения о новом письме на электронную почту будут доставляться вам при помощи лампочки.

5. Dock Always-Open Pages

Do you have certain tabs that are ALWAYS open? Examples might include Gmail, Slack, Discord, Trello, TickTick, etc. Most users opt to Pin Tab so they can’t be closed, but the downside is that you still have to click on a pinned tab to see that page.

If you turn those always-open pages into Web Panels instead, you can keep them open while browsing tabs normally. One neat use is to have a search engine Web Panel so you can simultaneously search while working on whatever you’re working on. Web Panels are also good for reference pages, such as Wikipedia or API documentation.

To add a Web Panel, make sure the Panel Bar is open by clicking Show Panel at the bottom left of Vivaldi. In the Panel Bar, click the Add Web Panel button to add the current tab/page as the Web Panel, or type in the specific URL you want.

The Best Lightweight Browser for Windows 10

If you love your surfing Internet and don’t want to use Google Chrome, here is the best lightweight browser for your Windows 10 computer.

Windows 10 recently released creators update allowing almost every PC user to update to it for free if they are on an older Windows 10 build. It comes with 2 browsers, the one the IE, that nobody likes. The Edge browser certainly is a better browser we’ve ever seen from Microsoft in terms of usability and security. Yet the Edge browser doesn’t have too many add ons or extensions like the rest of browsers. Let’s have a look at memory and CPU efficient browsers so you can continue browsing web without any further thought.

Midori Browser

Open Source, Minimal UI, HTML5 | Download Midori

Midori browser is the official and default web browser of the elementary operating system which is based on Linux. (No, I am not advising you to jump to the completely different operating system. It also offers a Windows package that features the same interface. However, this browser can not handle heavy web browsing and you will not like its performance if that happens. In more general terms somewhere this browser is lightweight with very minimal user interfaces. It will not affect RAM management too much.

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The interesting thing is that this browser is available for almost all operating systems (If we do not talk about the mobile operating system). But if you are browsing heavily, then this browser will not be useful to you.

Opera Browser

Chrome engine, Lightweight, Battery Saver, Free VPN, AdBlock | Opera

Opera is again in the game, with some new features this can be your next preferred browser and there are solid reasons. You get in built ad blocker and free unlimited VPN so you can browse wider range of your favorite sites, in case some of them are blocked by your ISP.

Moreover, it uses Chrome engine so practically you can use install any extension from Chrome Web store, although some extension work only in chrome for instance extension that uses speech API. Enabling that function is simple by installing this addon from opera store.

Opera Neon

Blink engine, Unique concept and no addons yet | Opera Neon

Opera Neon is experimental, but it’s fast, thanks to the Blink engine that powers it. WIth some new concepts such as New tabs functionality and picture-in-picture mode, it revamped browser standards. Opera Neon made to almost all top major news site when released and received lots of praise such as TheNextWeb and Lifehacker.

Opera Neon is different from Opera’s main browser. Many of the traditional things have been removed in this browser, and they have been replaced by the best and attractive features. Its main purpose is to make your browsing experience as easy as possible, so when you Opens the Opera, it automatically sets the wallpaper of your desktop in its background which almost eliminates the distortion between your desktop and the online world.

Again it is not a beta or alpha version of the Opera browser, it is something new and experimental from the operating. What the Opera team has done is a very bold step, and we hope that in the future, the opera will continue to experiment with innovation.

There are other things like a split screen that lets you work on two websites simultaneously. Opera Neon have more than we’ve written in this list, it’s something that you should experience.

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Security, claiming fast DNS resolving | Comodo

It uses its own DNS server to convert IP URLs into IP address, and the company claims that it’s fast comparing to other browsers DNS resolver. It looks just the same as Firefox browser and technically is same as you can install the Firefox plugin, add-ons etc.

Further talking of security the browser itself run in a self-created portion that makes no contact with the system, so software won’t get installed and so they can’t cause virus and malware. This browser also bundles Webpage scanner and lots more.

Maxthon Cloud Browser

Adblocker, Sync, Multi-engine| Maxthon

I used Maxthon for almost one and half year a few months ago, it bundled with a useful utility such as Screen capture, night mode, AdBlock, Magic fill (password manager) and the list goes on.

You can choose between engines and it’s version 5 has also got Max note, Passkeeper, and UUmail.


Key Features: Chrome Engine | Theme Change Scheduler | Tab Arrangements | Download Vivaldi

Vivaldi has got solid performance, and it is reliable. Vivaldi Browser uses Google chrome engine, but use far less memory than Chrome browser. Vivaldi has got some customization options such as themes, tab arrangements, take notes, etc. Torch, Vivaldi has got an option to schedule the theme to change automatically. It has beaten Mozilla Firefox in HTML5 test. This Windows browser is pretty young and has got some room for improvement.


It’s build for Music and Video lovers so they can find it easy to play music online. And what more, there are a few other features such as Media grabber and Facelift (design facebook theme), but that also makes it an unprofessional browser, and I personally felt that adding pop-up on their main website just says the same.

You can also use it to download torrents, but why bother when you can just use a cloud torrent service to do the torrent work faster and over an HTTP connection.

Knowing the fact that the Internet is accessible via a Browser and you should use Veet lightweight browser to enhance your browsing speed while using fewer resources. Our favorite browser is Opera browser, and there is a solid reason for it, you love the battery saver is it actually works and then free ultimate VPN which ensures access to all the websites without any hassle. But that was our biased pick, you are free to choose and test any of mentioned Lightweight Web browser for your Windows 10 while utilizing less RAM and CPU power consumption.

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