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IP Camera Viewer 4.1

Ip Cam Viewer 4

Ip camera download on pc

IP Camera Viewer is a free tool which allows you to view live video from IP or USB cameras.

It’s easy to get started. Click ‘Add Camera’, choose your camera type (there’s support for 2,000+ IP cameras and webcams should work right away), and click OK to accept the default settings. The video feed appears right away, and you can zoom in, pan around or view it full-screen.


The first centralized IP camera, the AXIS Neteye 200, was released in 1996 by Axis Communications and was developed by the team of Martin Gren and Carl-Axel Alm. [3] Though promoted based on its direct accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection, [4] the camera couldn’t stream real-time motion video. It was limited to a snapshot image each time the camera was accessed due to the lack of powerful integrated circuits at the time capable of handling image processing and networking. At the time of launch, it was considered incapable of operating as a motion camera due to what was at the time, «enormous» bandwidth requirements. Thus it was aimed primarily at the tourism industry. [5] The Axis Neteye 200 was not intended to replace traditional analogue CCTV systems, given that its capability was limited to just one frame per second in Common Intermediate Format (CIF), or one every 17 seconds in 4CIF resolution, with a maximum resolution quality of 0.1MP (352×288). [6] Axis used a custom proprietary web server named OSYS, yet by the summer of 1998, it had started porting the camera software to Linux. [7] Axis also released documentation for its low-level application programming interface (API) called VAPIX, which builds on the open standards of HTTP and real time streaming protocol (RTSP). This open architecture was intended to encourage third-party software manufacturers to develop compatible management and recording software.

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The first decentralized IP camera was released in 1999 by Mobotix. The camera’s Linux system contained video, alarm, and recording management functions. In 2005, the first IP camera with onboard video content analytics (VCA) was released by Intellio. This camera was able to detect a number of different events, such as if an object was stolen, a human crossed a line, a human entered a predefined zone, or if a car moved in the wrong direction. [8]

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