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Bugs. Happen. Debugging and Troubleshooting Reimagined

Five Products, One Family, Endless Debugging and Troubleshooting Capabilities.

Web debugging proxy for MacOS, Windows, and Linux

  • The most powerful web debugging proxy tool for MacOS, Windows and Linux with an enhanced UI.
  • Effectively share your findings and add context with built-in team collaboration.
  • Customize, save, and share rules to handle complicated requests with ease.
  • Unlimited sharing of saved sessions and requests for impressive efficiency gains and receive dedicated email support to stay on track.
  • Debugging features are supercharged in Fiddler Everywhere, allowing you to take debugging and testing to the next level without any added effort.


Web debugging proxy for Windows

  • The original trusted and secure (free) debugging proxy server tool for Windows.
  • Successfully log, inspect, and alter HTTP(s) network requests and server responses. Go from error to fix in record time.
  • Easily import/export requests in various format and take out the guess work.
  • Write custom scripts to speed up your troubleshooting efforts.
  • Debug at rapid speed and develop web communication code faster, leaving you more time for other tasks.


Web-based troubleshooting solution

  • A web-based end to end troubleshooting solution for support teams who need to get from error to fix in less time.
  • Capture web traffic, web console logs, and web app screenshots in three simple steps. Easy set-up and requires no programming.
  • Securely share all captured logs within your teams to quickly deliver valuable data for finding a solution.
  • Provide end-users a resolution with one shot, no more back and forth or hindered communications.
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Desktop-based Capture App for Windows

  • A Windows only lightweight version of Fiddler designed for data-capture by non-technical users.
  • Capture web traffic and quickly send to your tech team for debugging. Eliminating the annoyances derived from hindered communications.
  • Share network traffic logs within your teams to jump-start the resolution process.
  • Provide end-users a more delightful analysis, communication, and resolution experience.


Embeddable .NET library

  • Reliable and powerful .NET library allowing you to capture and modify HTTP and HTTPS traffic to ensure everything works smoothly and securely.
  • Harness the power of a stable proxy engine to develop best-in-class features for your .NET solutions and stand out for your ingenuity.
  • Discover delays, missing services and threats in minutes not days.
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